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Control Seal Axial flow control valves are engineered to manage fluid velocity in all areas of the valve (trim and body) to minimize noise, erosion, and vibration.

The streamlined annular flow path and even distribution of the flow through the cage reduce the high local velocities, turbulence, flow jets, and particles’ impact. Due to low turbulence and fluid velocity change, there is no energy conversion in the valve body itself. Pressure drop is taken over the trim only, which has been specifically designed for this task.


  • The streamlined flow path avoids turbulence and energy conversion in the valve body itself. Pressure drop is taken over the trim only, and dynamic body noise is minimized.
  • As a result of evenly distributed flow through the cage, static and dynamic forces on the control element (piston) are minimized. Accurate control with the minimum opening is achieved. 
  • Control Seal’s pressure-balanced design results in lower operating torque, leading to a small actuator requirement.
  • The absence of a bonnet and the excellent sealing system ensure compliance with all international fugitive emission standards.
  • A wide variety of trims for gas or liquid are available, from single-stage cages with high capacity to multi-stage cages for high noise abatement and cavitation control.
  • The inherent capacity of the axial valve is exceptionally high. Consequently, special trim features or reduced valve sizes can be selected. Control Seal’s Axial Flow control valve capacity is about 40% higher than a conventional globe valve.
  • The two-piece valve body provides 30% to 70% weight reduction compared to globe valves.