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The Control Seal ON / OFF Axial Flow Valve series was designed for quick operation and tight shut-off.

Axial Flow Valve has the following characteristics:

      • Compact and low-weight design
      • Streamlined flow path, an egg-shaped body to reduce pressure drop, velocity, turbulence, and creates less noise than conventional valves
      • Opening and closing at a full differential pressure
      • Fast stroke
      • Pressure-balanced piston enables fast-stroking and low operating torque, leading to a small actuator requirement
      • NON-SLAM operation
      • Bi-directional and bubble-tight sealing both upstream and downstream of the valve

Valve fast-acting piston slides to open or closed position utilizing a 90° cam mechanism between the stem and the piston rod—tight tolerances of sliding cam to the plug allows precise positioning of the seat. The rod housing is isolated from the line pressure using redundant seals. This mechanism minimizes the greasing requirement, and the less torque in the open‐close cycle results in smaller actuator selection.




Control Seal ON / OFF Axial Flow Valve is ideal for overpressure protection system (on/off) and emergency shutdown application due to their short stroke and fast-acting mechanism. The advantages of Control Seal's Axial Flow valve are:

      • Largest Cv value on demand, combined with good rangeability.
      • Higher capacity in the market for the same sizes, over 30% in on‐off valve
      • Cage-guided balanced plug for smooth operation.
      • A variety of cage designs are available to handle gas and liquid critical applications.
      • Drive mechanism’s multiplier effect gives maximum thrust when it is needed.
      • Unique Rotary‐to‐Linear (Cam to plug) drive mechanism simplifies actuator requirements.
      • Standard electric or pneumatic 90° actuator with standard positioner can be used.
      • Smooth, precise control.
      • Environmentally safe: low emissions due to the rotating shaft.
      • The drive mechanism is not affected by dirty fluids.
      • Reduced friction
      • Reduces force requirements by more than half.