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Whilst our Series 73 choke valves cover the majority of applications, some instances will require a unique solution. Our experienced technical team will work with you to develop choke valves that meet the exact needs of your project. After over 40 years of supplying choke valves for the oil and gas industry, we know how to tailor a specification to meet the needs of a project. With our reputation for fast technical responses, we’ll also ensure that the solution is developed in time to keep your project on track.

Kentintrol Specialist Engineered Choke Valves

Previous Specialist Requirements

  • Bi-directional designs
  • In-line designs
  • Non-collapse trims
  • High pressure drops
  • Low shear
  • Special fugitive emissions requirements

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  • Joule-Thomson
  • High sand content
  • High pressure chemical injection
  • High rangeability
  • API 6A inlets to ASME outlet designs