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For more than 20 years, Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves have been serving the mining and processing
industries worldwide, setting the standard for slurry knife gate valve performance. Their committed
team of industry experts and experienced engineers utilise their unsurpassed attention to detail and
quality to ensure Weir Minerals lead the industry in product innovation. Their world class manufacturing
facility in the USA is equipped with the latest in manufacturing and testing technology to ensure our
customers’ requirements and quality standards are met at all times.

Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves are backed by the vast Weir Minerals Services™ network, which
means our experts are there to support you, every step of the way, wherever you may be. By focusing
on performance and reliability, Delta works with you towards achieving maximum productivity and
efficiency for your operation, combined with flexible commercial options. Delta has an extensive global
network able to provide services on-site, or at one of our 120 dedicated service centres.


Severe Service Knife Gate Valves

Many knife gate valves have serious limitations such as leakage to external environments during valve
cycling and a non-cutting gate tip that pushes product into the gate seat.

The Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves are different. Their construction provides a zero leakage
guarantee due to their unique transverse seal and shear gate design. Combined with its highly-
engineered seating arrangement, our range of knife gate valves provide exceptional pipeline isolation,
proving them to be one of the highest performing valves in heavy duty applications.

Design features
  • Bi-directional, zero-leakage shut-off.
  • Packingless design. Transverse seal, no gate or stem packing.
  • Enclosed body prevents leakage to the environment.
  • Seal retained out of the flow stream and flush with the bottom port.
  • Full port flow reduces pressure drop and turbulence, thus minimising wear.
  • Fully guided, bevelled edge machined gate shears through obstructions in flowing media.
  • Elastomer port seal is mechanically retained by machine groove with pinhole anchoring.
  • No seat cavities where solids can collect and cause gate interference.
  • Will operate under vacuum conditions.
  • Top-works enclosed with tough LEXAN polycarbonate material with heavy duty lockout pin.
  • Yoke design allows fitting for various designed actuators.
  • Optional coatings, wear rings and overlays for tough slurry duties available.


Mill circuit
The mill circuit presents a number of issues when selecting a valve. Large particle sizes, high percentages of solids, and high specific gravity make selecting the correct valve critical to achieving the least possible downtime. We can customise our Delta Industrial™ valves to provide optimal performance in any part of the mill circuit. The Delta Industrial™ Class 150 and Centre, Block and Bleed (CBB) valves provide outstanding isolation performance, with zero leakage shut-off and no discharge to the environment during operation.

Tailings and slurry transport
Tailings consist of ground rock and process effluents that are generated in a mine processing plant. Mechanical and chemical processes are used to extract the desired product from the run of the mine ore and produce a waste stream known as tailings. The pressure in these lines can exceed 50bar (725psi), necessitating engineered valve solutions for safe and reliable operation. We have developed the Delta Industrial™ Class 600 valves for such applications, being capable of handling 102bar (1480psi).

Separation areas process large volumes of slurry, classifying it based on differences in size and/or specific gravity. The output from any of these processes produce high density slurries that are challenging to securely isolate. The Delta Industrial™ Class 150 or CBB valve, with their self-flushing, pocketless design, are ideally suited to provide reliable isolation whenever it is required.

Leaching processes provide some of the most difficult operating conditions for valves; high wear applications, coupled with highly corrosive fluid and often high temperatures. The outstanding design features of our Delta Industrial™ valves, such as the encapsulated resilient seat and the transverse seal, deliver zero leakage, and provide superior wear and isolation capabilities. In addition, all of our valve components are made from high alloy materials. The Delta Industrial™ Class 150, Class 300 and CBB valves are particularly suited to these extreme conditions.

Other industries
Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves deliver dependable reliability, providing zero leakage isolation, across many severe service applications in general industry. Our knife gate valves provide low maintenance and superior operational performance in industries such as:

Pulp & Paper
  • heavy duty cleaners
  • liquors and lime slurry
  • high density stock
  • repulpers
Effluent Water Plants
  • digester sludge
  • sewerage isolation
  • grit slurry lime
  • thickeners
Steel Industry
  • scrubbers
  • blast furnace slurry
  • reactors
  • power industry
  • ash handling
  • burner lime
  • pulverised feed isolation
  • switch separation and tailings slurry transport