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Since its establishment in 1965, the KOSO group has developed a diverse range of high-quality control valves of diversified types, greatly contributing to the implementation of process automation in various industries. Today, even stronger from strategic acquisitions, KOSO is able to offer a complete line of process control technologies.

With a strive for manufacturing excellence, their supply chain is vertically integrated to include several of their own foundries, based in both India and China. The largest of which, located in Wuxi, China, opened in 2014, totalling over 28,000 square meters with a capacity of 300 tons per month.

Providing unparalleled technologies for control, choke, isolation and actuation, KOSO is a world leader in providing competitive solutions for all process industries.


The KOSO group’s manufacturing centers of excellence provide top tier engineered solutions across the globe. These include, but not limited to the following:

Global Presence

Severe and General Service Control Valves
  • KOSO Japan – Headquarters
  • KOSO America
  • KOSO India
  • KOSO Korea
  • KOSO China
  • KOSO Kent Introl, United Kingdom
  • KOSO Parcol S.P.A, Italy
Severe Service Choke Valves
  • KOSO India
  • KOSO Kent Introl, United Kingdom
Pipeline Ball Control Valves
  • KOSO Japan
  • KOSO India
Desuperheater Systems
  • KOSO Japan
  • KOSO India
  • KOSO Japan
  • KOSO India