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Kent Introl is a British valve manufacturer since 1967, they engineer and supply high-quality valves to perform in some of the most severe service conditions throughout the world. As experienced valve manufacturers, they’ve built a reputation for providing high-performance products on time and at a competitive price.

Our products can be found right across the globe and are backed by first-class technical expertise and professional aftersales service. Our customers operate in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Whilst the opportunities may be vast, the consequences of failure can also be catastrophic. Our engineering quality, customer focus and fast technical responses give our customers the peace of mind they need.


Valve Solutions

Kent Introl can create solutions that are effective in the most demanding and arduous of conditions and environments. They’ve provided severe service valves for over 40 years and have the products and expertise needed to meet the needs of such applications.

Their knowledge of severe service applications can help you ensure you get the right solution from the beginning and right through the lifecycle of the products. Severe service applications call for engineering quality, technical expertise and ongoing professional support.

Choke, control, butterfly and subsea valve designs led by innovative valve technologies provide solutions to critical applications.

Critical Applications
  • Anti-surge, compressor recycle
  • Pipeline surge relief, injection and delivery pressure control
  • Centrifugal pump minimum flow recirculation
  • Fire water deluge system
  • Separator level control