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Tiger Valve Company (TVC) is an API Certified pipeline valve manufacturing company in Houston, TX, that provides quality engineered pipeline valves to customers in the North American market. TVC acquired Severe Service Technology Inc and is a part of the Tiger Valve Company in Houston. Since its founding in 1997, Severe Service Technology, Inc. has dedicated itself to the engineering and manufacture of the most rugged and durable metal-seated ball valves in the industry.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the latest technology in machining, thermal spraying, and testing equipment. Their rigid quality control standards ensure that their products are manufactured with detailed precision that meets or exceeds ANSI, AISI, API and MSS-SP-61 requirements.

They have three central metal seated ball valve categories: (1) SSV Power Valves, (2) SSG General Service Valves, and (3) SSS Signature (Fugitive Emission) Valves.



TVC/SST provides state-of-the-art metal seated ball valves for high-pressure isolation steam service in the power industry. Utilizing “Art to Part” computer technology to automate and streamline the design to manufacturing process enables the engineers at TVC/SST to create and build the industry’s highest performing valves. No other manufacturer can match the TVC/SST line for precision manufacturing. From idea to design to production, wherever steam is a problem, the TVC/SST line is your answer. Created by the industry’s leading design engineers with over 50 years of experience in metal seated valve services, the TVC/SST valve team can solve your power problems. In sizes from 1/2” to 2 1/2,” the isolation valve is designed for the limited class rating up to 4500# class.




TVC/SST’s versatile, general service valve is designed to meet the most demanding critical/severe service applications. Each component has been designed with the latest computerized design software. SSG is the most flexible valve model in the TVC/SST metal seated ball valve product line, meeting the demands of any isolation service conditions.


TVC/SSS Signature (Fugitive Emission) Valve


The Signature Fugitive Emission Ball Valve incorporates the latest breakthrough technology from TVC/SST. The patented Triple Redundant Sealing Stem design was developed for lethal gas applications where safety and performance are critical. The elongated packing box eliminates the possibility of leakage. TVC/SST Signature Fugitive Emission Ball Valves range from 1/2” to 24” and can be built to a wide array of materials for bodies and trim. Optional features include bi-directional flow, dual solids excluders, coatings, and shut-off classes up to Class VI (bubble tight).