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Products & Application Overview

N2X provides a solution to finitely control your liquid pipeline surge relief valve set point. The systems we work with typically incorporate a local, nitrogen controlled loading system. Historically, industry has accepted that surge relief system suppliers understand the tolerances required to maintain their surge relief systems. An intensive investigation by N2X has revealed that the nitrogen set point tolerance in relation to the required process line relief set point is not fully understood.

The most conventional system used to control the pressure to the surge relief valve cavity and plenums is a mechanical regulation design. These typical mechanical gas-loading systems utilizing regulators alone can drift on average 3 psi from the desired set point for every 100 psi reduction in supply pressure. This error is compounded with multiple regulators in series, which is common for typical mechanical regulation systems.

In addition to pressure discrepancies caused by the mechanical system, there are also effects from ambient temperature changes, introducing further error. Consider a calibration temperature of 15°C, a raise up to 30°C in summer would result in a static pressure increase of over 10 psi. In winter, an ambient temperature drops to -40°C can result in a decrease of approximately 40 psi.

The combination of mechanical drift and ambient temperature change will cause constant deviation from the surge relief valve set point, causing the control system to be constantly working and over compensating. Dependent on the technology used for control, the deviation can be greater than +/- 15 psi of the set point. With each compensation to achieve steady state, the limited nitrogen supply at these remote locations becomes depleted, requiring costly site service to replenish. The optimal operation of the surge relief valve becomes a more serious consequence without appropriate gas-loading. The implemented over pressure release system is compromised.

N2X’s unique Dual Valve Regulating Control system (DVRC) can control the nitrogen set point with a market leading accuracy of +/- 0.5 psi or better control. Using patented control algorithms while implementing a complete understanding of the application, N2X can assure you that required relief set points are accurately and reliably maintained.

Not only does this technology assure that no unexpected events result in environmental release and/or OHS incidents, it reduces costly and frequent field visits due to system alarms. Our systems also increase the life of typical nitrogen consumption by not exhausting as much nitrogen as non-proportionally controlled systems.

If you feel your surge relief system requires an evaluation that enables finer set point control, please contact us directly!


Product Line

To accommodate various client requirements for field installations, our control system is available in three baseline series, BP, HK, and POD. Based on communication and field installation specifications, we are able to modify existing designs to meet client requirements.

All control system series are designed for stand-alone operation. The can be manual or fully automated. Local control or remote feedback is available as well as analog input for remote set point adjustment.

BP Series


The BP series is our base panel design without an enclosure and can be mounted on a stand or in a cabinet a customer may already have. This control system is common. However, this it is not recommended in harsh environments. The components are exposed and susceptible to greater inaccuracies.

We recommend the use of our Temperature Control Accessories for all exposed components. Our accessories withstand harsh environments.

HK Series


The HK control system provides BP series functionality with the added protection of an enclosure as well as temperature compensation through internal heating and regulation. This series encloses the entire control system with only externals components being the plenums and nitrogen cylinders. Our stands provide the ability to affix plenums or nitrogen cylinders. Other customer requested options can be integrated into this control system.

With the plenum bottles still likely being exposed to the elements, we would recommend investing in our Temperature Control Accessories to minimize pressure compensation within the system.

POD Series


The POD series is engineered for ultimate temperature control and accessibility. It encloses the control system and required plenums in a cabinet large enough for site personnel to enter. The rear of the cabinet has a drop down ramp access to the high-pressure nitrogen cylinders for when replacements are required. Nitrogen adjustment can be made without opening the heated area.

With our ability to fabricate and test in the USA and Canada, we can design to build the POD series control system to your required specifications. All engineering phases necessary will be exercised with this elite control system technology.