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KOSO Kent Introl Ltd is the leader in manufacturing cavitation elimination control butterfly valves. Below is a 24″ Rotrol, LCC body and full Monel liner and disk, destined for severe service sea water duty. Very well suited for cooling tower applications where recycled water corrosiveness is an issue.

N2X Process Solutions offers a wide range of VAHN-TECH International Inc. AWWA Specified valves for Water and Waste Water Treatment applications. From large bore

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KOSO Kent Introl Ltd‘s Series 73 Surface Choke Valves utilize the low-pressure recovery, High Friction (HF) design of trim. First introduced in 1967, the HF trim philosophy is that the high energy, velocity, and turbulence are dissipated and controlled within the confines of the trim, avoiding erosion damage to the pressure containing boundaries. Contact N2X Process Solutions today for more information.