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Pneumatic Pipeline Testing

N2X provides pneumatic pipeline testing for Pressure Class 150, 300 and 600 systems utilizing mobile testing equipment that provides accuracy without compromising safety.  Pneumatic testing is commonly done with compressed air or nitrogen, less commonly with methane and other gases; and is used for strength and leak testing of pipelines. Whereas the leak test is a low-pressure test to ensure pipeline integrity for containment, the strength test is done at high pressures.  Maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) plus a safety factor is a common test parameter.  Particularly for remote locations, along transport pipelines, pressure testing is made difficult due to access for test equipment, process media availability and pressure impacts from elevation changes.

Our mobile test stations are equipped with instrumentation and truck mounted or trailered for ease of transportation. With 15,000 psi compressors, there is no requirement for transporting heavy test media or fluids. Additionally, with elevation changes the weight of the process media will have an impact on the uniformity of the static test pressure. This is negligible with pneumatic air testing due to low densities of test gases, but very significant when hydrostatic testing with incompressible media, such as water.

Whenever you’re considering remote pipeline pressure testing, particularly with significant elevation changes between isolation points, consider pneumatic testing. Contact us for further information and availability in your area.