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Process Safety Information

Process Safety Management (PSM) regulated by OSHA is a multi-faceted analytical tool utilized in the preventing of loss of containment of hazardous materials. At its roots is Process Safety Information (PSI), a proven way to reduce risk through compilation and analysis of process information in terms of the equipment, chemicals, and technology utilized.

From our experience in process equipment for surge relief, control, isolation, and non-return, we can provide PSI collection and analysis relating to projected equipment run times. We can develop a program suitable for your needs and also help to integrate these systems into tracking databases. These practices allow comfort in knowing your systems are safe, reliable and timely maintained.

• Physical Equipment Field Verification

• Surge Relief System Design and Operation Testing

• Nitrogen Control Systems Technology Evaluation

• Alarm Set Points Configuration and Determination

• Fluid Dynamics Analysis

• Process Flow Diagrams

• Piping and Instrument Diagrams

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